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Experience the benefits of Virtual Events for yourself by taking your conference or event online with Dreamtime Event Productions. Our team of event experts are excited to work with clients to deliver our newest offering: world-class, professional and immersive Virtual Events from anywhere in Australia.

Our dedicated team at Dreamtime Event Productions will work with you to create the right Virtual Events to suit your purpose, including:

  • Webinars and informational online events
  • Virtual conferences
  • Internal online events, with employees
  • External online events, with clients and members

Dreamtime Event Productions are Queensland’s local Virtual Event experts. We work with clients across Australia to deliver valuable engagement-driven virtual events across the country and the globe. Your attendees will be delighted with your multi-sensory online event experience as they’re inspired by presentations, ask questions and interact with other attendees.

You no longer need to worry about cancelling events due to travel restrictions or the uncertainty and cost associated with getting your attendees together in one place.

Start Planning Your Virtual Event

Fully managed, turnkey Virtual Events

During your Virtual Event, our expert team manage all aspects of your event, including:

  • All the technical components
  • Program curation
  • Concept design and creative direction
  • Live-streaming
  • Event recording and video production
  • Invitation management, ticketing and attendee registration
  • Welcome to Country / Acknowledgement of Country
  • Speaker coaching and management
  • Entertainment and ‘WOW’ factor!
  • Events from 100 to 3,000+ attendees

World-class technology & security

Dreamtime Event Productions operates world-class events using state-of-the-art world-class technology to suit even the largest organisations. Our secure event platform is hosted on a stand-alone system protected by multi-layered security systems that are commonly used in banking. We utilise advanced broadcast equipment with green screen capabilities to deliver stunning virtual sets to wow your audience, and interactive technologies to provide an immersive event experience.

The benefits of Dreamtime Event Productions’ Virtual Events are endless!

  • Reach a wider audience with your message and spread your impact further.
  • Make your event available to more people – break outside of the literal walls of conventional events without the requirement of in-person attendance. Go global if you wish!
  • Do more with less budget without the need to cater for attendees in person.
  • You’re in control of what, how and when you communicate with your audience.
  • Don’t let the COVID world restrict your interactions with your most important stakeholders.
  • Virtual Events are easy to operate and provide a plethora of options for organisers, speakers, attendees and sponsors.

Options to suit every event!

Just because you’re online, doesn’t mean your event or conference has to be flat, one-sided and lacking engagement and ‘wow’ factor. Virtual Events by Dreamtime Event Productions are immersive online experiences, including features like:

  • Live presentations, audio and video
  • Delegate access
  • Breakout rooms
  • Chat rooms
  • Documents and downloads
  • Recorded content
  • Q&A, live polling and feedback surveys
  • Event sponsorship
  • Interactive conferencing

Why choose Dreamtime Event Productions for your Virtual Event?

  • Proven experience with 52+ memorable events successfully delivered for our clients
  • Local, Australian company with the power to deliver events globally
  • Indigenous-owned and led company, supporting indigenous communities and careers
  • Supply Nation registered
  • Fully managed and delivered culturally responsible events, including Welcome to Country and traditional entertainment

Are you ready to create your memorable Virtual Event?

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